UV Fabric Paint 50 ml.

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UV Fabric Paint 50 ml

UV fabric paint is used to make your clothes luminescent. The UV fabric paint is delivered in 50 ml glass and is available in several colours.

The UV fabric paint is UV reactive, which means that it creates strong colour and light in the dark with UV lighting, also known as blacklight. Without UV light/blacklight it just looks like ordinary paint.

Get luminescent clothing

UV textile paint works on most types of fabric. Once the paint is applied, it needs to dry and then be ironed on the back for optimal adhesion and effect. You can apply the paint directly from the can with a brush. UV paint for fabric can be washed with up to 60 degrees. Please note that the UV paint will not come off in the wash.


How much do I need?

Of course, it depends on how much paint you want on your clothes. Is it just a few stripes here and there or does it need to be totally covered? For clothes, a plain white t-shirt needs about 50 ml. if it's going to be pretty much completely covered.

Do not use on skin

We recommend that you do not put UV fabric paint on your skin, as it is specially designed for textiles. See instead  UV paint for face, uv paint for body or UV Body Paint, which is approved by the EU for application to the body. 

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  • UV fabric paint in beautiful neon colours.
  • When the paint is dry it lights up under uv lighting
  • Each glass contains 50 ml.
  • Easily applied directly to clothing with brush or similar.
  • After application, the paint should dry and can then be ironed on the back for better durability.
  • Cannot be washed off the clothes again.


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